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May 19, 2013
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Herobrine x Reader Chapter 2

To recap from last time...

You froze, feeling something breathing down your neck. Slowly, cautiously, and fearfully, you turned your head to meet with whatever's eyes.

You screamed.

Blank, white eyes.


Falling out of your chair, you continued to scream. One of Herobrine's glowing white eyes twitched. Immediately, you shut up. Trembling in fear, your eyes scanned over the tall man. He was about seven feet tall, wearing a worn teal shirt with jeans that were frayed at the end. He was also wearing grey work boots with small dark stains all over. Craning your head up, you looked at his face, which was currently leering down at you. Creepy.

Herobrine had slightly tousled brown hair, tanned skin, stubble on his jaw, and sharp teeth that poked out from his lips. And of course those blank white eyes, but you felt that you shouldn't look into them.

"(Minecraft Screen Name), get up." Herobrine said, you flinching from his voice. It was deep and slightly gruff. (And totally not sexy.) Scrambling to get up, you jumped on your feet, stumbling a bit. You probably looked like a fool. He chuckled. You huffed. "My name is ____..." you thought.

"Alright, '____.'" he chuckled. You froze. Did you really just say that out loud? Wow, smooth, ____.

"No, you didn't say that out loud." he said with a smirk. You swore, if you just said that out loud again...

"No you're just thinking to yourself. I can read your mind." he snickered, your jaw dropping. Wow, no privacy what so ever! You blushed. Did that mean that he...?

"Yes, I heard that comment about my 'deep and sexy voice.'" he said, snickering even more. You let out a pout. "Well, thanks for respecting my privacy." you mumbled. "Asshole..." you thought.

"I heard that." said the Minecraft character. "Good." you replied, sulking a bit. You thought for a bit, then your head perked up.

"Hey, why are you here?" you questioned, looking up to his face, meeting his eyes. Herobrine paused for a moment, and then sighed.

"Oh, it's not usual for me to get sidetracked. Alright then..." he mumbled, turning to meet your (e/c) eyes. Dizziness overwhelming you, your vision blacked out, and the last thing you remembered was falling into the tanned man's large hands.

"Hm, he has sharp nails." you mused silently to your self, before slipping into unconsciousness.
Hur, hur, this totally isn't a filler chapter.
Next part: [link]
Next part (CRACK): [link]
Forgot to mention this, the idea of Herobrine reading minds came from :iconmemowkitty: stories. :3
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I cracked up at that 
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^_^ I for one can brave anything scary with at least one other person with me but by myself.... lets just say i only recently got brave enough to go mining singleplayer again... and that was with a pixelmon mod XD soo technically I had my pokemon buddies with me.... well until a cursed lvl 40 or something shows up down dere T_T
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