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July 30, 2013
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Herobrine x Reader Chapter 16

-Become one with recap, da? .J.-

"Heheh, wow, these are squishy!" Jeff laughed, giving your breasts a light squeeze. You turned bright red.

"JEFF!" you screamed, smacking his head with your fists.

"YOU FUCKING IDIOTIC PERVERT!!!!" You continued your barrage of fists on the pale man's head, redder than a cherry. Jeff laughed, easily blocking your hits.

"Hahahaha! So worth it!"


-POV Change-

"Alright! Let's go lil' ____!" Jeff said, taking your hand. Playfully frowning, ____ acted upset. "Who ya calling little?" Laughing, the two of you left the room.

"Yeah, thanks." I muttered, frowning. ____ was left alone with a perverted killer. Definitely doesn't spell trouble. Standing in the empty room, I decided to  grief some poor people on Minecraft. As if I had anything else to do. Shrugging, I walked over to a computer.


Snickering, I decided to be immature and put down blocks of indestructible bedrock. Arranging the bedrock, I smiled.

"hey, wtf is that guy doing?" Someone had posted into the chat log. Deciding to wait to add suspense, the avatar ran up to mine, punching me,

Ooh, you do not punch Herobrine. I slowly turned, giving the idiot time to react. I stared at him with my white eyes.The character stood still, before bolting. I chuckled, teleporting in front of the Minecrafter before striking him with an enchanted sword, OHKO-ing him.

"Well, that was easy." I thought, going back to the bedrock, which spelled out "POOP." Yes, immature. Deal with it. Teleporting, I gave myself buckets of lava and spawn eggs. Grinning, I poured lava onto houses and forests, spawning creepers near players. The wooden houses instantly caught aflame, hungrily eating through the wood. Players pathetically fought back massive groups of creepers, before dying from large explosions. I chuckled, looking at the players, happy with vandalizing the multiplayer server.

Just for the heck of it, I decided to spawn ghasts just to peeve the few remaining characters. Glancing at a clock, I saw that I had spent about ten minutes in the real world. "Meh, well that was fun." I thought. Deciding to leave, I coughed, clearing my throat.

"Where is your god now?" I said in the eeriest voice possible. Black blood dripped from my lips, giving an even greater creepy effect. The voice had the sound of several voiced combined, high and low. The voice echoed, before subsiding into nothing. I grinned maniacally, before opening my mouth.

"OnLy GoD cAn SaVe YoU nOw!" my voice screamed, the voice tone fluctuating from a sudden high to a low whisper. Spawning a large sand pyramid, the sand fell, strangling all the players across the map. I forced everyone to exit the server, before I left the game.

Grabbing a block of a portal to the real world, I stepped into it, before finding myself to have to push myself out of a computer screen. Pulling my body out, I sat on the floor, somewhat dazed. Standing up, I decided to wander about, having absolutely nothing to do. Teleporting, I ended up on a couch, and lounged for a minute.

I frowned.

It's too quiet.

____ wasn't pestering me. It's too quiet.

I sighed, pushing myself off the couch. Walking to the back door, I looked outside the window, my white eyes widening.

Okay, okay, okay, calm the fuck down Hero.



____ was laying on the grass, her (h/c) hair messily cushioning her head. Her (e/c) eyes were extremely dilated in surprise, cheeks red. White hands were on her breasts, a happy looking Jeff straddling her, who was grinning.

"Wow, these are squishy!" he had said quite loudly, before squishing you chest. You had screamed, "JEFF!" before smacking his head. You exclaimed profanities, your face still flushed a deep red. The next thing said had made my blood boil.

"So worth it!"


-Your POV-

Your hands continued to hit Jeff, your legs trying to kick him off. But sadly, it was in vain.

"G-Get OFF!" you squeaked, shoving the killer for emphasis. But Jeff just laughed, rolling his fingers to massage your breasts more.

You continued to flail about, with Jeff laughing hysterically. The pale man then stood, finally leaving you alone. You quickly sat up, crossing your arms over your chest, blushing.

You glared upwards, about to give Jeff a few 'nice' words, before noticing that Jeff was floating.

No, Jeff wasn't floating.

You shook a bit, terrified at what would happen.

Jeff was chuckling weakly, clawing at his pale throat.

That had a large tanned hand firmly clasped around it.
Why am I uploading this early?

Oh well.

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EyelessKaren Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  New member
good little Hero, saving little Piggeh (lol it is Piggy)
Hero: anything for u master
XD that is funny no matter what anyone says!
Dragon5032 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
^_^ thankks for saving Glacey from Jeff herobrine
Herobrine: *still choking Jeff* no problem......
Jeff: X_O He...heeellp.....ME
Me: um... no ^_^
duskshine13 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
Ant thus why you don't need with the pplz hero cares for------
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